Traditional Wedding Tour

The “Traditional Bhutanese Wedding” does not only feature a simple exchange of rings. It provides you with an opportunity to experience and witness a traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony is held in the local house or monastery, presided over by groups of monks and local people. The wedding ceremony is commenced with a ritual ceremony, which is performed by groups of Buddhist monks by reading the Buddhist religious texts to the tune of drum beats, playing the religious flute, and making ritual cakes. Couples are blessed for a long and prosperous married life. Monks offer fumigation to local deities to please them. Traditional drinks offered to local deities are served to the bride and groom in the same traditional wooden cup. This represents the importance of the bond between a husband and wife. The ceremony ends with the offering of five coloured scarves to the couple for a long and prosperous life, followed by the offering of white scarves by guests to answer their prayers.