Introducing Bhutan

Bhutan is nestled in the Himalayas between two large nations, China and India. Bhutan is somewhat larger than Switzerland. The mysterious Himalayan monarchy, known as “Druk Yul,” is a spiritual land with a rich Buddhist and cultural heritage, with verdant valleys, dense woodlands, rolling hills, and towering crags. Bhutanese people are friendly, welcoming, and constantly smiling. Bhutan is a hidden gem and an eco-tourist’s paradise, making it a must-visit destination.

  • Location: Landlocked between India & China (880 45’ & 920 10’ E Longitude & 260 42’ & 280 15’ N Latitude)
  • Total Area: 38,394 Square kilometers
  • Altitude: 100m in south to 7500 m in the north above sea level.
  • Political System: Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
  • Inhabitants:  Approximately 0.8 million
  • Language: Dzongkha (official)
  • Religion: “Drukpa Kadju” (Mahayana Buddhism)
  • Local Time: 6 hours ahead of GMT
  • Currency: Ngultrum (Nu)
  • Capital: Thimphu (Western Bhutan)
    National Dress: Gho (man) Kira (Women) 
  • National Animal: Takin (Budorcas taxicolor)
  • National Sports: Archery (Bamboo made)
  • National Bird: Raven (Corvus corax Tibetanus)
  • National Flower: Blue Poppy (Mecanopsis grandis)
  • National Tree: Cypress (Cupresses torulosa)
  • National Day: Yearly celebrated on 17th December
  • Districts (Dzongkhags): 20
  • Forest coverage: 72.5%
  • Season: Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb), Spring (Mar, Apr, May), Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug), Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov)