Cycling Tour

Cycling enthusiasts may go on an exciting trip with a cycling tour. We organize both road cycling and off-road mountain biking. Cycling in Bhutan gives you the chance to ride on mountainous roads that are well-maintained through clean, lush vegetation and unpolluted air. Riders will pass through picturesque valleys, pastureland, and challenging high mountain passes that reach elevations of 4000 m, where they can enjoy magnificent vistas of the highest snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan ranges. A tour enables you to get acquainted with authentic Bhutanese culture and lifestyle. We offer complete support for your tour, including the provision of high-quality bicycles (3/10 and 3/9 gears, 27.5-inch wheels). Along with the rider, a technician with a first aid kit and backup vehicles are deployed. The Tour of the Dragon is the world’s toughest one-day cycling competition. If you are fascinated, you can participate.