Fishing Tour

Bhutan has numerous watersheds with 109 unique fish species. Due to the presence of the Buddhist religion, it is an unexplored fishing location. Bhutan’s rivers are crystal-clear and unspoiled, with powerful currents flowing from the north to the south from the highest snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan the mountains. Golden mahseer (Tor putitora), snow trout (Schizothraichthys progastus), brown trout (Salmo trutta), barbs (Garra gotyla gotyla), and other fish can be discovered on Bhutan fishing tours. We advise bringing your own fishing gear, including waders and boots for the water, a rod and reel (weights 4 to 6), and leader and tippet. We offer qualified, well-trained, and experienced fishing guides. Bhutan’s peak fishing seasons are from mid-March to mid-May and from September to November. The perfect month for bigger fishing is November.