I would give it five out of five stars for “Alluring Bhutan Travels”. It was a very well managed tour, and I am highly satisfied with the overall management and tour planning for me. Our guide and driver services were excellent. They are very friendly, patient, punctual, well-versed, and generous. I, along with my kids and wife, liked them very much. I wish them all the best. I can undoubtedly give them five out of five. I will definitely suggest to my loved ones that they avail of the services. I wish all the best and hope to visitBhutan again with the same team in the near future.

My comment in brief:

Tour Plan: 5 out of 5

Airport reception and transport: 5 out of 5

Guide & Driver: 5 out of 5

Accommodation and Transportation: 5 out of 5

Overall Management: 5 out of 5