Snowman Trek

The Snowman Trek is the longest and toughest trek in Bhutan, spanning 4000 m to 7000 m. It is designed for serious trekkers and nature lovers with excellent health and a high spirit of adventure. After reaching Laya, the trek turns eastward and crosses Ganglakarchung Pass (5100 m) before entering the remote Lunana region, inhabited […]

Laya Gasa Trek

Laya Trekking offers a unique opportunity to explore the cultures of the Layap people, who live in an isolated part of Bhutan. The trek begins in Drugyel Dzong and passes through beautiful paddy fields and apple orchards. The alpine landscape includes snowcapped mountains like Mt. Jhomolhari (7316 m), Mt. Masagang (7200 m), Mt. Jichu Drake […]

Jhomolhari Trek

The Jhomolhari Trek, an iconic and convenient trek route in Bhutan, offers breathtaking vistas of snow-capped mountains, including Jhomolhari (7314 m), also known as Chomolhari, “The Mountain of Goddess Chomo.” The stunning peak that divides Tibet from Bhutan also provides breathtaking vistas of other Himalayan ranges. The route gets through magnificent valleys with pear and […]

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

The Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is a picturesque trek that starts from nearby Thimphu and continues through coniferous forest while crossing beautiful high-altitude lakes. Golden and brown trout flourish in the turquoise mountain lakes, which are scenic because they are surrounded by many types of alpine flora and wildlife. In the spring, there is also […]

Samtengang Trek

The Samtengang Trek from Punakha to Wangdue Phodrang is short and fascinating. Since the elevation only varies from 1100 to 1900 m and the temperature remains pleasant throughout, it is a reasonably simple trek up. You will pass through rhododendron and oak forests, the villages of Sha and Chungsakha, and the longest footbridge in Bhutan […]

Phobjikha Gangtey Trek

The Phobjikha Gangtey Trek is suitable for nature lovers. The trek takes you through the most isolated valleys of Bhutan, namely Gangtey Gompa, Phobjikha, Gogona, and Kothoka. While the central attraction of this trek is the beautiful picturesque landscape valleys and beautiful green forests of juniper, bamboo, rhododendron, magnolia, firs, oaks, spruce, dwarf rhododendrons, miniature […]

Druk Path Trek

The Druk Path Trek in Bhutan is a short trek with scenic views, leading the traditional mule route between Thimphu and Paro, crossing mountains and teeming with lakes filled with giant trout at 4000 m. The trail leads through thick alpine forest, dwarf rhododendrons at 3590 m, and rare Rheum flowers. It passes through high […]

Chele La Nature Trek

The Cheli la Nature Trek offers a short route with stunning views of mountain peaks like Jhomolhari (the Divine Mountain of the Goddess), Jitchu Drake, and Tsherim Gang. The route passes through pine forests, farmhouses, and rhododendron. The blue poppy (the national flower) is in full bloom during June and July. and leads to Chelila […]

Bumdra Trek

Bumdra Trek is blessed by visiting the two most revered Buddhist pilgrimage spots in Bhutan, Bumdra and Taktshang Monastery, besides enjoying the scenic beauty of the Himalayan Mountains. Bumdra translates as “Rock of 100,000 Footprints.” The mythology claims that 100,000 Dakinis (angels) descended here and left their footprints on the rock 800 years ago. Bumdra […]