Culinary Tour

Bhutan is one of the few wholly organic countries in food production with different cuisines. Bhutanese cuisine is primarily spicy; chili is used as main recipes. “Ema Dashi,” known as the national dish, is a vegetarian dish made of cheese and green or red dried chili. Bhutanese use dried meats (beef, pork, and yak) with a mixture of turnip leaves or radish, optionally, and spicy red chillies to prepare highly delicious dishes known as “Paksha Pa” and “Norsha Pa.” Bhutanese usually have three meals a day; all meals are only completed with steamed rice, Ha Chum (white rice), and Yue Chum (red rice). Popular Bhutanese snacks like “Zow” (boiled and then fried rice) are served with tea. “Momo” (dumpling) stuffed with pork, beef, cabbage, and cheese “Barthup” is a noodle soup with a mixture of vegetables or meat pieces. Home-brewed alcoholic drinks are “Chang” and “Ara,” which are distilled from rice, maize, wheat, or barley. Bhutan Culinary Tours offers opportunities to learn Bhutanese traditional cooking methods with the family. local-brewed alcoholic drinks tasting and processing demonstration.