Laurissa Haydn, USA

Overall, I note “Alluring Bhutan Travels” is very high for services. Thank you, Mr. Shyam and team. In all respects, your guide, Mr. Migmar, is very patient with our family and always a wonderful, knowledgeable, and sociable person who gives every good support and guidance. He was a great guide, and the driver, Mr. Bijay, was perfect with his driving skills—slow, safe, and patient. He kept the car clean, and we felt very safe. I really appreciated the accommodation provided at the best spot. I really enjoyed it all, and I will definitely recommend you and Bhutan to my friends. Keep up your great service. Take care, all of you. I wish all the best to all of you and Bhutan!

Yogesh Bhave, India

Thank you for the excellently planned trip, Mr. Shyam Wakhlay. I will never forget your support, making it a lifetime of unforgettable moments with my family. The trip was led by a professional guide and driver. The guide was really compassionate, caring, and helpful; he went to great length about everything. The driver was extremely skilled, fluid, proficient about all national roads, and complied with all traffic laws. Please provide the same allocation to any individuals that we suggest. All in all, the company provided outstanding services. This level of assistance and support surprised me because I hadn’t anticipated it. Beyond a doubt, we will tell our relatives and friends about Alluring Bhutan Travels.

Affroza Affrin, Canada

In one word, the company “Alluring Bhutan Travels” fulfilled its promise of providing the best value for money without compromising service and meeting all expectations. The company’s services were excellent, with Ms. Gaki, the guide, being friendly, knowledgeable, and fluent. the driver being skilled, and he was able to take us to all the destinations safely and in the shortest possible time. The company’s endless cooperation and excellent service with the family made the experience in Bhutan enjoyable. Overall, please keep up the same good work and services. We wish for prosperity.

Bhutan intends to minimize ‘expensive’ airfares to boost tourism

BLOG Bhutan is considering lowering “expensive” airfares to render travel to the nation more affordable for travelers in order to boost the country’s tourism industry. This is because “expensive” airfare regularly deters travelers from visiting Bhutan. Since the “expensive” flight usually deters travelers from traveling to Bhutan, this action would result in an increase in […]

5 Facts Bhutan is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

BLOG Bhutan, one of the least visited destinations in the world, has re-emerged with new hotels, activities, travel options, and revamped tourism policies after a pandemic shutdown. The country is unique due to its Buddhist monarchy, Himalayan location, and long green history. Bhutan is the first carbon-neutral country on earth and measures its domestic success […]