Bhutan intends to minimize ‘expensive’ airfares to boost tourism

Bhutan is considering lowering “expensive” airfares to render travel to the nation more affordable for travelers in order to boost the country’s tourism industry. This is because “expensive” airfare regularly deters travelers from visiting Bhutan. Since the “expensive” flight usually deters travelers from traveling to Bhutan, this action would result in an increase in travelers to the nation and the number of individuals who visit the country. “To lower the cost of travel for visitors, the government has plans with Drukair Corporation and Bhutan Airlines.The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF), which was formerly $200 per person per night, has been lowered to $100 per person per night as part of a variety of incentives that the government has put in place. As part of other initiatives, low-cost hotels will be permitted to accommodate visitors, and innovative long-stay incentives will be created. Currently, the government is exploring price reduction as a means of enticing travelers