Bhutan intends to minimize ‘expensive’ airfares to boost tourism

BLOG Bhutan is considering lowering “expensive” airfares to render travel to the nation more affordable for travelers in order to boost the country’s tourism industry. This is because “expensive” airfare regularly deters travelers from visiting Bhutan. Since the “expensive” flight usually deters travelers from traveling to Bhutan, this action would result in an increase in […]

5 Facts Bhutan is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

BLOG Bhutan, one of the least visited destinations in the world, has re-emerged with new hotels, activities, travel options, and revamped tourism policies after a pandemic shutdown. The country is unique due to its Buddhist monarchy, Himalayan location, and long green history. Bhutan is the first carbon-neutral country on earth and measures its domestic success […]

50% Off on SDF

Blog Bhutan is a green, sustainable, inclusive, and high-value tourism destination guided by the “high value, low volume” policy, aiming to contribute to the country’s socioeconomic development, featuring free healthcare, education, training, tourism and hospitality upskilling, improved infrastructure, environmental and cultural preservation, and more. The daily Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) has been waived by 50% […]