Helicopter Scenic Tour

Bhutan’s first helicopter service began on November 11, 2015. Tourists and residents can rent the Royal Bhutan Helicopter Service (RBHS), which is also utilized by the government for life-saving emergencies. At first, it offers on-demand aerial sightseeing. Bhutan helicopter scenic tours provide visitors the chance to see some of the most stunning scenery on earth, […]

Meditation, Wellness & Retreat Tour

Meditation, retreats, yoga, and other spiritual practices have their origins in Tibet and Bhutan. Bhutan is a Buddhist nation. According to the Buddha, all of our issues and suffering are caused by tumultuous and unfavorable mental states. Yoga and meditation assist in gaining positive minds of love, compassion, and knowledge to provide long-lasting enjoyment and […]

Walking Tour

“Bhutan Walking Tours” extends an invitation to everyone who loves excitement and hiking. Hiking in Bhutan offers you with the chance to experience pristine, lush, mixed vegetation, clean air, picturesque green valleys, remote temples and monasteries, pastureland, and difficult high mountain passes along an abandoned ancient trade route, where you can enjoy an incredible vista […]

Rafting & Kayaking Tour

“White River Rafting” (Mo Chhu, Pho Chhu, and Paro Chhu) invites everyone who is interested in traveling on an adventurous itinerary. With a maximum depth of 5 meters, Bhutan’s rivers are numerous and have strong currents. There are four different levels of rafting in Bhutan. Both the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers can be […]

Traditional Wedding Tour

The “Traditional Bhutanese Wedding” does not only feature a simple exchange of rings. It provides you with an opportunity to experience and witness a traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony is held in the local house or monastery, presided over by groups of monks and local people. The wedding ceremony is commenced with a […]

Photography Tour

Bhutan is renowned as a “Photography Paradise or Destination” due to its extensive and distinctive culture. The world’s most picturesque landscapes, rivers, green valleys, breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, vibrant costumes, vibrant festivals with rituals and mask dances, and exquisite temples and monasteries can all be found there, making it the ideal location […]

Bhutan Honeymoon Tour

Bhutan, often known as the “Land of Happiness,” is a perfect vacation spot for newlyweds. The ideal tranquil setting for relaxation, enjoying, and expressing your moments Compared to other places, honeymoon couples enjoy distinctive tour experiences, where couples may enjoy a romantic stay while exploring authentic Bhutanese culture. The opportunity to get acquainted with the […]

Bhutan Golf Tour

Bhutan Golf Tours” extends an invitation to all golf enthusiasts. The golf course in Bhutan is estimated to be the highest in the world (7700 feet above sea level). The only golf course in Bhutan, Royal Thimphu Golf Club (RTGC), is situated in the capital and is magnificently positioned above Tashichho Dzong (fortress), the most […]

Fishing Tour

Bhutan has numerous watersheds with 109 unique fish species. Due to the presence of the Buddhist religion, it is an unexplored fishing location. Bhutan’s rivers are crystal-clear and unspoiled, with powerful currents flowing from the north to the south from the highest snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan the mountains. Golden mahseer (Tor putitora), snow trout […]

Cycling Tour

Cycling enthusiasts may go on an exciting trip with a cycling tour. We organize both road cycling and off-road mountain biking. Cycling in Bhutan gives you the chance to ride on mountainous roads that are well-maintained through clean, lush vegetation and unpolluted air. Riders will pass through picturesque valleys, pastureland, and challenging high mountain passes […]